About Us

Aquatic Products is a closed Bahraini share holding company established in 2012 and involved in the production and processing of fish and other marine products, its main office is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It started constructing its first marine fish farm in 2013. The current farm has a total area of 6000 M2, and has a single insulated shed covering most of the area. During the current first phase, half of the shed was utilized for a planned production capacity of 200 metric tons a year. It uses a modern yet simple and practical water recirculation and treatment technology. Phase one has 48 rectangular tanks with a volume of 50 M3 each, giving a total culture volume of 2400 M3. 

 In addition, there are isolation and post harvest tanks, fish handling and processing areas and other supporting facilities like laboratory, offices, accommodation, stores, workshop, plant rooms etc. Culture operations started in early 2017. Phase one farm is modular, divided in four modules of 12 tanks each. Each module has an independent water recirculation and treatment system. Such modular systems allow the culture of different species of fish. Targeted fish species for production include gilthead sea bream, grouper, barramundi and cobia. Phase two of the farm with similar production capacity is on the drawing table and will start soon. Near future expansion and development plans include a fish processing plant and a 10 million juvenile/year hatchery.